Images From The Wedge 1

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Kananaskis Conservation Area, Alberta, Canada
Kananaskis Village

Being a fairly experienced group of backpackers, my friends and I - 'The Goons' - headed into our first backpacking trip together in the Canadian Rockies. If the three of us had know what was ahead, I don't think any of us would have turned back. We were all hungry for an adventure. Our 5 day plan quickly fell apart after completing the first 3 hour scramble near the summit of The Wedge - a section of the trail far more technical than we had expected and a section we did not allot nearly enough time for. Night was upon us, and we had made it to the peak of Mackay Hills - a grassy ridgeline. Out of water, tired and hungry we trekked on altering our route in search of water and a decent place to set up camp for the night, a search that took us to 3:30 in the morning after nearly 16 hours of hiking. In the following days the trail disappeared entirely, we reached multiple dead ends terminating in loose sandy embankments, cliffs, and mountain waterfalls. The views were expansive where the trees opened up, but we were rarely sure that our bushwhacking would yield results in our efforts to get back to the main road. Yet, we had come too far to try to make it out the same way we made it in. Luckily, on the third day, the trail reappeared after kilometers, forcing our way through waist deep brush and deadfall. The experience was far greater than the story, and it is one I will never forget. I am forever grateful to call 'The Goons' my closest friends, and I only look forward to more adventures with these quirky people!

These images were taken just prior to the scramble near the summit of The Wedge.

Date Added
March 5, 2023