Eugenia Falls

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I've been to Eugenia Falls a couple of times before but never got any good photos. Mostly because the designated areas for viewing them are pretty boring and obstructed by trees. This time I was determined to find a way down for a bottom angle of the falls. I headed down the Bruce Trail for probably half a kilometer looking for a spot to climb down. Eventually the trail turned and it was clear there was no easy way down to the stream, so I just went for it. It was a fairly steep decent through bush and spiderwebs. But after about 10 minutes I was standing on the rocks in the middle of the stream trying to figure out my next move. The stream was at the bottom of a little valley, with plenty of rocks. So I figured the easiest way back up to the falls was up the stream, over the rocks. I found a couple of cool little waterfalls along the way and stopped to set up my camera for a few shots. I only fell once when my skate shoes lost traction on a wet mossy rock and I got a foot full of water. Eventually I got to a part of the stream that was blocked with fallen trees. So I detoured up the hill and continued along the stream until eventually I reached the falls. Just as I got set up at the bottom of the falls it began to rain quite heavily. I found shelter under an overhang of rocks below the falls and shot a few photos. But by this time I was preoccupied with how I was going to get back. I really didn't want to go back the way I came, as it took me almost an hour. I decided to loop around the falls the opposite way I came. This eventually worked out, but it was much more difficult than I imagined. I had to hug the rock cliff along a small trail for about 10 minutes then I found a spot that looked suitable to climb up. It took me about another 10 minutes of climbing up a steep grass hill, holding on to tree roots and exhausting my out-of-shape leg muscles before I reached the top. By this point I was questioning if I was lost. But at the top of the hill I came across a trail and started following it back towards the falls and parking lot. Eventually I could hear the falls again. I crossed the stream at the top, over some rocks to the other side and back to my rental car, soaking wet from the rain and sweat.

Date Added
April 15, 2016
Date Taken
April 15, 2016
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