i'm a san francisco, california based photographer. i'm always hunting for new perspectives and always chasing the stars.

State/Province/Region: california

Country: usa

In Your Bag

Cameras: sony a7rii a7sii

Lenses: carl zeiss batis 25/2 85/1.8 canon 16-35mm ii usm rokinon 14mm FE sony 90mm 2.8 macro FE, 35mm 2.8 FE, 55-100mm FE crop minolta 50mm 1.8

Accessories: gitzo tripod acratech GP ballhead newer remote shutter lee filter 1, 2, 3 stop Soft GND singh ray filter blue and gold polarizer, 2 stop reverse GND

Featured Photos by Pamela Marcelino

Photography Assignment #264: Fall Color 2016