Empassioned photographer. Shooting for 30 yrs, got serious around 2000. I often shoot requested gigs around where I live. Have mostly given time and effort in support of local events, requested parties and music venues. And of course for myself - family and nature. I am the designated - volunteered - cajoled - photographer for my wife's library. Have had private showings locally. REAlly need to work on my PP skills. Didn't need much w/ film/ slides........ok, darkroom, but..........

In Your Bag

Cameras: Nikon eqp't. : D-700 w/ hand grip; 2nd battery; { D-70 complaining in retirement. Pentax K-1000; Nikon N90s sleeping comfortably. They're doing well and in good shape - thanks for asking. }

Lenses: Nikkor: 70-300 4.5-5.6 S ED-G ; 24-120 3.5-5.6 D ( Very well used :)) ); 60 mm 2.8 AF (when it wants to) macro; 85 mm 1.4 AF; 50mm 1.4; 105 2.5 macro; 180 2.8 ED AF; Have backup (non AF ) 200mm 1.4 & 300mm 4.5 primes also sleeping; 1 Nikkor 1.4 TC that doesn't seem to work on Anything I have.

Accessories: cleaning gear, SB 600, SB 900 ( either or) flash units, back up batteries; flash mufflers, flash light, note book, toilet paper

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