Craig earned himself a wide range of prestigious awards and recognitions including a #1 panoramic image in the world, numerous Photographer of the Year awards and achieving a Master of Photography in Fine Art. Craig's images have been seen in gallery events and publications such as Landscape Photography Magazine, USA Today, The Nature Conservancy and the U.S. National Park Service as well as being collected by U.S. presidents, celebrities, and private fine art collectors internationally. His hard work paid off - creating a true demand by all walks of life. His vivid, high impact style that he is known for is inspiring to say the least - as some say "an indescribable feeling of amazement and captivating visual drama". His fascinating images are consistently awarded and are growing in worldwide recognition, making him among the most awarded landscape photographers to date. With every new release, Craig promises to stir our hearts and eyes with even more high impact images of our planetary home. "I have created, and are still developing, the capture of these sublime and fragile moments to compose an image that employs additional tools, exposures or capture techniques. Technological advances in this industry not only allow me to appreciate and utilize past techniques, but embrace the future of photographic science... one without limitations. Some of these images took long durations in dim, fading light to expose just one frame. In other images, I use multiple captures of shutter speed, lens filters, or times of day to compose an image that our normal vision would normally be deprived of. Using these different tools of cameras, filters, time, light, space and patience I hope to share images that we may not easily or not at all experience directly, but are there - waiting to be discovered..."

In Your Bag

Cameras: Sony A7RII, Sony A77, Cine Backpack, GoPro Fusion, Mavic 2 Pro + NDs

Lenses: Sony 24-70mm, Tokina 11-16mm, Rokinon 14mm, Sony 24-105mm

Accessories: Cokin Filters (ND & Grads), Remote Shutter Release, Care & Clean Supplies, Lightning Trigger, Benro Tripod, Mini Tripod, CP Polarizers, Big Stopper, Extra Batteries & Cards, Cell Phone, Seafrogs Underwater Housing + Dome, LuminCubes and LED lights, Beanie Hat & Hand warmers, treats!

Featured Photos by Craig Bill

Your Favorite Places Gallery

Assignment #374: Spring In Our National Parks, Monuments, Forests And Public Lands

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Assignment #153: Waterfalls

Assignment #152: Summer Landscapes

Assignment #151: Panoramas and Vertoramas

Assignment #149: Green

Assignment #146: Fall Color

Assignment #145: Stormscapes

Assignment #380: Scale

Assignment #379: Backlight And Silhouettes

Assignment #378: Motivational Moments

Assignment #376: Extreme Angles

Assignment #375: High-Flying Photo Ops

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