I have been primarily photographing California landscapes, the everlasting change of the seasons, the simple and complex interaction of the water, rocks, sky, plants and wildlife of the high country mountains. Although I enjoy expansive views, more often I am attracted to intimate landscapes that enable me to express more of a personal vision. In a way, excluding a recognizable location in intimate landscapes makes compositions timeless and universal. When photographing, I always look for exciting light and atmospheric conditions, balance of stillness and movement, and interesting patterns and color. The light and atmosphere I strive to capture in my photographs often create sentimental impact and ethereal feeling, evoking emotions, enabling viewers to sense tranquility and calmness of dawn, and experience a moment in time. Mist and fog, often present in my photographs, allow for motivating compositions and interpretations, leaving distracting elements out and leaving only the essence, helping to isolate myself from larger surroundings, allowing me to feel, focus, and connect with a subject.

State/Province/Region: CA

Country: USA

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The American Landscape 2015