State/Province/Region: WA

Country: USA

In Your Bag

Cameras: Canon 5DMk3, 1DsMk3

Lenses: 16-35mm f4 EF L, 70-200mm f2.8 IS USM, 500mm f4 IS USM,

Accessories: Filters, Cable Release and Interval Timers

Featured Photos by Geoffrey Schmid

Your Favorite Places Gallery

Assignment #124: Winter Grandscapes

Assignment #86: Winter OP Cover

Assignment #67: The OP Cover

Assignment #45: Autumn

6th Annual Great Outdoors

5th Annual The Great Outdoors

4th Annual The Great Outdoors

5th Annual Nature's Colors

6th Annual Nature's Colors

3rd Annual Great Outdoors

2nd Annual Great Outdoors

3rd Annual Nature's Colors

3rd Annual YFP Photo Contest

1st Annual Great Outdoors Photo Contest

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