I am now retired, 2 years and still love making images. I worked & freelanced my entire life. I am presently working on a project that spans 10 years from a time that I lived on Swans Island. We owned a general store & I made images daily. I would develop & file them with the intent that when I retired I would edit & publish them....the time is here!

State/Province/Region: WV

Country: USA

In Your Bag

Cameras: Nikon D4, D850, D300s & an iPhone 7+

Lenses: Nikon 600/4, 400/2.8, 400/4, 300/28, 80-200/2.8, 8/4, 17-35/2.8, 12-24/4, 35-70/2.8

Featured Photos by Thomas Hindman

Assignment #318: Winter Sports And Action