I touched my first camera at the age of 17 and have been obsessed with the process of taking and making pictures ever since. I love everything about photography, the act of shooting, the magic of printing, the creative spell of it. I have taught photography at the high school and junior college levels and revealed in a job that blurred the lines between work and play. On a philosophical level, photography has allowed me to, as environmentalist Edward Abbey said, "take great walks to shed an entrenched existence for a new get out in order to look back in." It allows you to pull over, stop, set up, and enjoy the luxury of fine light. Photography insists that you shed fatigue and cynicism and head to new locations and thought processes in a fine and childlike way. Not bad!

State/Province/Region: Illinois

Country: USA

In Your Bag

Cameras: One Canon 5D Mark ll - a bit roughed up but fabulous.

Lenses: Macro, 24-105, 16-35

Accessories: Neutral density filters, polarizers, tripod Platypod, bear spray, bug spray, reflector, you know, all the usual stuff - extra glasses, sunscreen chapstick, batteries, extra stuff...

Featured Photos by Kathleen Fischer

Assignment #312: Backlight & Silhouettes