Louie Papio is a freelance Content Creator residing in northern New Jersey. Being exposed to a mass variety of scenery and subcultures, he has been able to explore and discover multiple creative outlets with photography being used as his main source of expression. He is well accustomed to various styles of photographing but specializes in people and capturing each of their individualized stories. Traveling and immersing in nature are strong passions which he displays through his personal works and projects. His true sense of inspiration emerges from the emotions, thoughts and life experience of people he meets throughout his day to day life.

Country: US

In Your Bag

Cameras: Sony A9II Fuji X100F Mamiya 645

Lenses: Minolta ROKKOR 50mm 1.2 Mitakon 85mm 1.2 Mamiya 80mm 1.9

Featured Photos by Louie Papio

Assignment #484: Motion Blur