State/Province/Region: SC

In Your Bag

Cameras: 3x Pentax K30 1x Pentax K20D 1x Minolta film camera

Lenses: Way too many to list, but Pentax primes and Sigma zooms are top choice in the bag.

Accessories: Once again, way too much to list, but lens filters and odd various flashes rule in choice here.

Featured Photos by Morgan Lytle

Your Favorite Places Gallery

Assignment #255: Your Monochrome Vision

Assignment #116: Cloudscapes

Assignment #96: B&W Cover

Assignment #62: Spring Wildlife

Assignment #58: Macro

Assignment #54: Dawn Light

Assignment #52: Color Opposites

Assignment #51: Snow & Ice

Great Outdoors 2016

Focus On Nature Photo Contest

3rd Annual Art Of Expression

3rd Annual Great Outdoors

2nd Annual Great Outdoors

3rd Annual Nature's Colors

3rd Annual YFP Photo Contest

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