In Your Bag

Cameras: Sony ILCE 6500, 7M3, 7RM4, RX10iv, Nex-7 IR 590nm conversion.

Lenses: Laowa 15 Zero-D, Zeiss Loxia 21, Sony 4/24-105 G, Zeiss Loxia 35, Zeiss Batis 40 CF, Voigtlander 2/50 Apo-Lanthar, Voigtlander 2/65 Apo-Lanthar, Sony 2.8/90 Macro, Micro Nikkor 3.5/55, Tamron 2.8/70-180

Accessories: Bolt 260 VM Dual Macro Flash, Kuang-Ren dual macro flash, Sony F20M flash, PocketPano, Nisi V6 kit, Arca Swiss pO ballhead, Siuri Ranger 284, Sirui T-025-SK, Sony bluetooth wireless remote, plethora of threaded and of K&F Concept magnetic filters, Sony Wired and wireless remote releases, Sirui T-025, Sirui Ranger legs, Arca P0 ballhead, Sirui monopod

Featured Photos by Richard Handler

Assignment #427: Lazy Summer Days