My name is Sanjeev Kumar Yadav and I am a Nature and wildlife photographer based in Dehradun. My passion is wildlife photography, Having started Nature photography recently has captivated me much, that I ambitiously consider doing this full-time. I have been taking photos for more than 4 years, Nature photography is my latest venture. I did photography course in National Institute of Photography in 2015. I can look at wildlife and their relation to environments and be amused for hours and My primary interest is birds moments that have stories of habitat or Nature. Creativity is my style and I always play with light and compose in my photography work.

Country: IN

In Your Bag

Cameras: CANON 7D MARK 2

Lenses: CANON WIDE ANGLE LES 11-16MM 2.8, SIGMA 150-600MM ,F/5.6 IS , CANON 50MM 1.8

Accessories: TRIPOD , CAMERA BEG

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