May I introduce TOTAL QUALITY PHOTO. We specialize in SHARP, dynamic, high-quality photography of landscapes, macro, and small product photography, for use in advertising, graphic arts, specialty ads, calendars, office decor, and other digital or print media. Check us out at

In Your Bag

Cameras: Fujifilm X-T3

Lenses: An assortment of Fujinon XF prime and zoom lenses.

Accessories: Leofoto Tripod, nissin i60A electronic flash, Godox D200 Strobes, Gossen Sixtomat Meter

Featured Photos by Steve Solomon

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Assignment #299: Beaches And Shorelines

8th Annual Nature's Colors

Outdoor Photography Month

5th Annual The Great Outdoors

4th Annual The Great Outdoors

6th Annual Nature's Colors

3rd Annual Great Outdoors

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