I have always been fascinated by nature and the great outdoors. It all started with the deep bond with the place where I grew up, Lake Como, with its beautiful landscapes framed by the mountains, and continued with my passion for sailing and hiking, especially in remote and uncontaminated areas. But it was only in 2014, at the age of 36, that I decided to combine my interest in open spaces and living species with nature photography. Two deep passions that feed each other and that lead me, day after day, to witness intense beauty. Beauty that with my images I hope to be able to convey, together with the love for Life and the great importance of protecting it in all its forms.

Country: Italy

In Your Bag

Cameras: Nikon D500 / Nikon D90 / Nikon 1 AW1

Lenses: Tamron 10-24 mm / Nikkor 16-80 mm f 2.8 / Tamron 90 mm / Nikkor AW 11-27,5 mm / Sigma Sport 150-600mm

Accessories: Manfrotto Befree / Manfrotto ND 500

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