I have loved photography since I was 8 years old and received my first camera. My passion has grown into a business for me, Vickie Lynne Photography. I rent an art studio with my daughter, Alice Greenwood, CRG Studios, who is an artist, musician, writer and does photography. Her specialty is weddings & portrait photography where as mine is landscapes, architecture, nature & macro photography. We compliment each other, she enjoys painting my photographs. I do not photo shop any of my pictures, they are all in their natural settings. If I don't like the way a picture looks, I don't take it or it is deleted. I also enjoy writing, music, traveling, antiquing & wine appreciation. I have two children, Matthew(Kate) and Alice(Kyle), no grandchildren at this time, I am single(divorced/widow) and now work with my photography full time. My photography is now showcased on a clothing line with VIDA, an online google e-commerce market. You may go to view at for all my scarves, pocket squares & new oversized Merino Wool scarf & Statement Bags or for all my T-shirts, Sleeveless T's, knit tops, sheer wraps,Totes, Essential Tops, Home Essentials & flowy long sleeve.

State/Province/Region: Iowa

Country: UnitedStates

In Your Bag

Cameras: Canon EOS Rebel T5 Canon Power Shot SX 150 IS

Lenses: Canon Zoom Lens EF 75-300mm

Accessories: Tri-Pod(Not in Bag), table top Tri-Pod

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