Behind The Shot: ‘Mountain Goat Kids Jumping’ by Tin Man Lee – Mount Evans, Colorado

Kid goats playing on Mount Evans in Colorado with the Rocky Mountain Range in the background telephoto wildlife

Mountain Goat Kids Jumping by Tin Man Lee

I had been sitting against a big rock at the summit of the 14,000 foot Mount Evans in a chilly and windy morning since dawn. As the morning light started to shine over the rock, three playful mountain goat kids that were just a few days old climbed up onto one rock and they started jumping. I angled the shot so that the snow-capped Rocky Mountain Range was in the background. - Tin Man Lee

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Equipment and settings: Canon EOS 1D Mark IV, Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L II telephoto zoom - 1/1600th at f/11, ISO 800

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    Tin Man Lee came to my attention a few months back with his extraordinary wildlife images and even more heartfelt and humble commentary. He is enormously talented and dedicated, and his love shines through into his work. I’m so happy for his work to be recognized.

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