Bitter Cold Assignment Winner Perri Schelat

Blue Chill by Perri Schelat
"Blue Chill" by Perri Schelat

Photographer: Perri Schelat

In the winter, Yellowstone is an ethereal and otherworldly wonderland with unlimited photography opportunities. I was after specific winter scenes, and at the top of my list were ghost trees. I knew I would need frigid temperatures, so I chose a cold winter month with less snowfall, clearer skies and colder temperatures. I wanted steam or fog as well, so I would need to head towards the geysers and thermal pools.

On a clear -10 degree morning last February, I headed straight to the geyser basins and thermal areas. I found these evergreens at Norris Geyser Basin near a thermal pool. Steam from the pool drifted into the trees and covered them in frosty ice.  

No special post-processing beyond lifting shadows, dodging, burning and basic RAW file conversion using Lightroom was done.

Nikon D3, AF-S Nikkor 17-35mm f/2.8 lens, Singh-Ray Neutral polarizer, Nikon MC30 cable release, Gitzo GT 3542LS tripod, Kirk BH1 ballhead.



    Excellent shot! I spent a week in the winter in Yellowstone a few years ago, it truly is extraordinary. I love it more in the winter than any other season, try early spring once they reopen the roads with tons of snow still around some amazing animal shots to be had as the park “wakes up”

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