20 Images To Celebrate Spring

A collection of submissions from our galleries to welcome the spring equinox

Whether you spent a long winter in a cold, wet climate or enjoyed a sunny, dry one, the change of seasons brings many things to look forward to. Fields covered in colorful blooms, birds singing songs in your backyard and insects all abuzz are just a few things that come to mind. In the gallery below, check out 20 images that celebrate spring.

"Bard of Blue"


My pursuit of the the classic Texas wildflower scene under the stars continues. To make an image like this, a lot of factors have to be in our favor to make the stars align. A not too cold spring A not too warm springAbundant rainfall at the right time of the year to make the bluebonnets grow a few months later.Moonless nights.Clouds willing to play nice Gentle or no breeze Relatively low light pollution and Being able to sneak away just in time to get there before the masses descend on the scene and the inevitable destruction that ensues. The purple blue blooms beginning to poke through the fresh green foliage of Texas Lupine heralds the start of spring. This year was not a great year for bluebonnets. So when I found this place, I had to do my best to capture the scene filled with fresh fragrance of bluebonnets that faintly reminds you of Gardenias in bloom. It was chilly enough to allay any worries about potential company of the slithering variety. There was almost no breeze but the wispy clouds floating overhead did not stay anchored for the most part. Basically my stars aligned reasonably well on this night/early morning. I had about two hours to get reacquainted with my camera gear and not make too many mistakes. I did make a few errors mainly due to lack of match practice but nothing that prevented me from keeping this image and making a memory.Sony a7RIVSony SAL Fisheye 16mm f/2.8ISO 6400, 16mm, 10s at f/2821 exposures stacked in Starry Landscape Stacker for better Signal to Noise Ratio + One exposure at f/5.6 to take care of some corner softness when shot wide open.Processed in Capture One Pro and Adobe Photoshop#nightphotography_exclusive#night_shooterz #milkywaychasers#longexposure_shots #visittexas #inspiretexasnow #nights_dreamworld #ig_astrophotography #newmilkyway #nightshooters#nights_dreamworld#ig_astrophotography #milkywaypics#lonestarstate#longexpoelite #nightphotography#starscape#milkywaygalaxy #nightscaper#natgeospace #natgeoyourshot#bluebonnets #ig_daily #ig_nature# #sonyworldclub#roycebairphoto #worldshares#BeAlpha #texasmonthlymagazine #goodtexasliving #dmagazine #TrueTexas