20 Incredible Summer Photography Road Trip Ideas

Get ready to hit the road on a photography adventure this summer

Summer is almost here, and many photographers are itching to hit the road on a photography adventure after a year of having to stay close to home. We’ve compiled 20 destinations that offer interesting landscape, wildlife and atmospheric photography opportunities. These summer photography road trip locations are sure to provide stunning scenes, plenty of photographic inspiration and some much-needed rest and relaxation!

“Hungry” By Gene Putney

“Hungry” By Gene Putney

Photographing moose near North Park in Northern Colorado.

"One of my favorite annual photo excursions in late summer is photographing moose in Northern Colorado. In August, I went for two days and had a variety of good photo opportunities. One of my favorite images I captured is this moose calf that was enjoying itself as it ate in a patch of wildflowers. "