2019 The American Landscape Contest Finalists

We received more than 1,700 submissions to our 2019 The American Landscape Photography Contest. The following slideshow displays our 25 finalist images, as well as the three winning shots!

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Pink Lady Nipple

Pink Lady Nipple

Photographer: Jemma Lee

Description: As each labored step forward resulted in two slippery steps back on the rocky mountainside ascend on this humid August day, I had naively assumed that we had reached our destination on the difficult hour-long trek from the Cinder Cone parking lot. I begrudgingly continued the climb for two more hours and was grateful to be rewarded with an extraordinary view on the other side. At the base of the mountain, a small cluster of pink mountains appeared in the distance, only to be revealed through my telephoto lens. This breathtaking view reminded me of being upon my mother's breast when I was a young child. The vivid pinks, reds, purples and blues portrayed in the photograph are from the minerals on the ground below that were created from volcanoes erupted in the past.

Gear & Settings: Canon EOS 7D Mark II, Canon 100-400mm lens, Manfrotto tripod. Exposure: 1/40 sec., ƒ/11, ISO 800.

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