25 Incredible Photos From Red Bull Illume Image Quest 2021

Image Quest 2021 is the sixth edition of Red Bull Illume’s adventure and action sports photography contest, and this year’s finalists include some stunning images selected from over 47,000 total submissions. Congratulations to the Overall Winner Will Saunders and to the category winners.

Here’s a slideshow of our 25 favorite winner and finalist images. Learn more about Red Bull Illume Image Quest 2021 at the contest’s official website.

Finalist: "Cold Water Surf" by Cody Hammer


"It was a crisp winter day prior to Christmas 2020. I’d just returned from a three-day road trip to chase Winter Storm Gail to the North East. After having shot in a blizzard and frigid conditions on the trip, a swell back home was a welcoming delight; even if it was only a few degrees warmer. Cody Craig and I had waited all morning for the winds to switch and when they finally did, the tide was already quite high. We decided to go check one of our shorebreak zones and weren’t disappointed. After standing on the dune for a few minutes it was clear that the waves were insane and I decided to shoot from the water. Once in the water, it took me a while to time the sets right and figure out the rip currents. While doing that, I watched Cody go for broke on a few and get absolutely demolished on the inside. Finally, we got in the right proximity of each other to link on a photo and shortly after, a roll-in wave from out the back was about to break. Cody scrambled for it and got to it just in time. He set his line and just as he began to pull into the barrel, the lip of the wave completely flared. I quickly checked my camera and couldn’t believe what I had captured."