25 Incredible Photos From Red Bull Illume Image Quest 2021

Image Quest 2021 is the sixth edition of Red Bull Illume’s adventure and action sports photography contest, and this year’s finalists include some stunning images selected from over 47,000 total submissions. Congratulations to the Overall Winner Will Saunders and to the category winners.

Here’s a slideshow of our 25 favorite winner and finalist images. Learn more about Red Bull Illume Image Quest 2021 at the contest’s official website.

Finalist: "Lucid Dreaming" by Matt Power


"I took this photo after living in the Philippines for a couple of years, a destination where I really honed in on my skills as a water photographer. The waves in Siargao Island can be perfect, often breaking in crystal clear water. I always had this shot in mind at a particular surf spot, but knew it would take time to execute. The wave breaks exactly in line with the sunset for a shot like this to happen. I was simply waiting for all the elements to align: sunset, clean swell, clear water and a talented surfer. I was so happy when I saw this on my camera after a long, long time trying. As the spot was fairly busy that evening, the surfer is actually unknown to me, which I feel adds to the mystical nature of the shot. In the editing process of the image, I aimed to emphasize and merge the energy of both the sunset and the wave through contrast and color. The final outcome is a very dramatic, ethereal image that I will cherish forever."