25 Incredible Photos From Red Bull Illume Image Quest 2021

Image Quest 2021 is the sixth edition of Red Bull Illume’s adventure and action sports photography contest, and this year’s finalists include some stunning images selected from over 47,000 total submissions. Congratulations to the Overall Winner Will Saunders and to the category winners.

Here’s a slideshow of our 25 favorite winner and finalist images. Learn more about Red Bull Illume Image Quest 2021 at the contest’s official website.

Finalist: "Blue Cave Eye" by Petr Polách


"This image was taken while cave diving in the cave system in Yucatan, Mexico in November 2019, specifically in the ‘Otoch Ha-David's line’ cave. There are no rivers on the surface of the Yucatan Peninsula and the water flows through an underground labyrinth of caves hundreds of kilometers long. As a result of geological development, when the caves were not flooded for a certain period of time, beautiful stalactite formations were created. Each of the flooded caves is characterized by different spaces, stalactite decoration and wall color. The magical underground water system in the Yucatan was a precondition for the emergence of Mayan culture and hides its secrets. The uniqueness of the Mexican Yucatan therefore lies underground and is a paradise for cave divers. This picture shows a blue-colored cave that resembles an eye, and it's just a small part of this diver's paradise. A total of five flashes were used to take this picture, two on the camera housing and three external flashes placed in the cave area."