25 Incredible Photos From Red Bull Illume Image Quest 2021

Image Quest 2021 is the sixth edition of Red Bull Illume’s adventure and action sports photography contest, and this year’s finalists include some stunning images selected from over 47,000 total submissions. Congratulations to the Overall Winner Will Saunders and to the category winners.

Here’s a slideshow of our 25 favorite winner and finalist images. Learn more about Red Bull Illume Image Quest 2021 at the contest’s official website.

Finalist: "Between a rock and a hard place" by Dean Treml


"This location in Ibiza, Spain, is known as ‘the cave of light’ (S'Ullal de na Coloms) and it really lived up to its name. In July 2021, we made an exploratory trip for a Red Bull Cliff Diving project to one of the more inaccessible places on Ibiza’s west coast, and the site proved to be both an extreme test of the diver's skill and courage, with a daring dive between the rocks from 25.5 meters, but also a fantastic playground for them at the lower heights, lower being 17-20 meters! It was also a pretty spectacular playground for the photographer. As the sun moved along throughout the day it offered different transitions of light and shadow, as the sun crept from the rocks and onto the turquoise blue water in the base of the cave. This moment of Celia diving from a rock that was a tricky climb to get to, lent itself perfectly to the conditions at 3pm, with the 20mm wide angle and shadow exacerbating the sense of scale."