5 Guides To Great Light For Your Photography

As OP‘s Tip Of The Week writer Russ Burden often states, when it comes to photography, “It’s all about the light.” Use the following guides to get enlightened on some photography lighting techniques.

1. Low-Light Photography

Low-light photography is a challenge. Incorporate the following tips into your workflow to become a better low-light photographer. Read more …

2. Scintillating Sunset/Sunrise Skies

While a colorful sunrise or sunset itself can often stand on its own, the following methods can help bring your images to new heights. Read more …

3. Light Paint

Once dusk turns to near black, there’s still another world of photography that awaits—the world of painting with light. Read more …

4. Low-Light Landscapes

Shoot at dawn and dusk to capture low-light landscape images with alpenglow, cloudy skies, silhouettes, and more. Read more …

5. Using Window Light

If you occasionally want to create the same soft look studio photographers obtain but not shell out big bucks or invest the time learning how to use the gear, learn to master window light. Read more …


5 Pro Guides For Black & White Landscape Photography

Five photographers share what they’ve learned during their monochrome journeys. Read now.



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