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7 Wildlife Photography Techniques

Take your wildlife photography to the next level with insights from the experts, including what tools you’ll need and what skills will make your work stand out.

1. Backlighting Wildlife

Backlighting refers to the positioning of light behind your subject, such that your subject is located between you and the source of light. Light behind an animal can illuminate and call attention to the features that make that animal unique. Read more…

2. Creative Blurs For Wildlife Photos

While there are hundreds of ways to produce creative blurs, this article will explore four photographic techniques to add visual interest and a sense of motion to your wildlife photography. Read more…

3. Create A Wildlife Panorama

Traditional panoramas usually show landscapes and geographic features, but adding wildlife can add depth, revealing your subject in their natural habitat. This technique will help you navigate through the difficulty of capturing a moving subject. Read more…

4. Telephoto Technique for Wildlife

For some wildlife subjects, it’s difficult, or even dangerous, to get close enough for a photo with a regular lens. A telephoto lens can be expensive, heavy and awkward, but sometimes it’s the only way to get the perfect shot. Read more…

5. Wildlife Camera Traps Tips And Techniques

Sometimes when you’d like to photograph skittish or nocturnal subjects, the best solution is to take yourself out of the equation. Setting up a remote-trigger or motion-activated “camera trap” can help you do just that. Read more…


Into Africa

Expanding on his successful exhibit at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History seen by more than 3 million people, Frans Lanting’s “Into Africa” showcases the wonders of Africa’s wild landscapes and inhabitants. Read now.


6. Specialized AF For Action

Catching that once-in-a-lifetime action shot might be luck, but luck is when preparedness meets opportunity. Use these techniques to ensure that next time you’re presented with an amazing shot, you’ll have the tools and skills to capture it. Read more…

7. Lighting Wildlife

Many wildlife photographers consider themselves at the mercy of existing natural light for their shots. A flash or LED light are often overlooked options that can add an extra dimension to your photos of animals and birds. Read more…


Point Reyes National Seashore

One of the best-kept secrets of the National Park Service is a year-round wildlife destination. Read now.