A Vacation–In A Sort of Workaholic Way

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico by Jay Goodrich

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, © Jay Goodrich

Right now I am supposed to be relaxing and not thinking about work. I am supposed to be spending time with the family, the whole family. The last vacation I took was the one prior to declaring my independence from the “man” and beginning a brand new career as a full-time professional photographer. What is funny is that we traveled to the same location that I am in right now–Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. It’s been five years. It doesn’t seem like a long time, and in the space, time continuum it’s absolutely nothing. Now however, so much has changed in my life; I have a daughter, a son, and a career that I am continuously building upon from pretty much meager beginnings. The concept of a vacation has all but disappeared, but I am really trying. The last time I was here, I created an award winning image that is still really popular today and after being here for about a week, I can really understand why.

The light here is amazing. The colors exceed the boldest of anyone’s imagination. Every sunset is a photographer’s greatest dream. So without taking too much time away from “relaxing” I wanted to share a brand new image taken last night as the sun set yet again. Oh, and a photographer’s vacation is never really a vacation because that creative bug kicks in every time you see something new, but loving what you do really makes a job seem a lot like a vacation–every day of the year. It’s now time for another Daiquiri with the whole family.