Hovering Over Paradise

Helicopter over summit of Mt. Paget, 9625 feet, South Georgia Island

Yeah, yeah, I know.  In an ideal world, this blog should should be a day-to-day visual diary – sharing new pictures, and reflections on the art and business of photography. But the truth is, I haven’t taken a picture in weeks, busy with conferences, speeches, writing manifestos, and editing older pictures. Yes, professional photography can sometimes be  less than glamorous.

Tomorrow, however, I head back into the field for what will be almost 3 months – to Antarctica, Australia and Sri Lanka. So I guess I can be forgiven for staying indoors this week (oh yeah, and it’s pouring rain…)

So as I pack, and re-pack, and make sure I have every cable, charger, memory card, and additional backups for everything, I leave you with the picture above.  I took it a few years ago when I had the good fortune to spend 3 weeks on South Georgia Island with the Royal UK Navy.  This image shows a navy helicopter taking off from the 9000+ summit of Mt. Paget – highest peak on the island. I am shooting from another helicopter (obviously), hanging out of an open door, with the wind knocking us in every direction, and the temperature somewhere below zero. Fun stuff.

But I like the way the helicopter is not obvious in this picture, almost lost in the swirling mist and icy landscape. To me, it’s about scale, vision…. and the most dramatic place I have ever been.

Nikon D2X,  17-35mm lens