ACDSee Pro for Mac

App enters beta testing

VICTORIA, British Columbia – The wait is over for professional photographers who want a faster, affordable, all-in-one photography workflow system to use on their Macs. ACD Systems International Inc. today opened beta testing for its new ACDSee™ Pro Photo Manager for Mac, the first version of the company’s acclaimed Pro Photo Manager software for Mac applications.

Beta downloads of ACDSee Pro for Mac are available at Already, more than 1,700 devoted Mac users have signed on to participate in the trial period and provide feedback to ACD Systems developers for use in formulating the final version, which is set for release in early 2010. To further bring Mac enthusiasts into the development process, ACD Systems compiled an advisory panel of 50 users to solicit insights on key workflow features that professional and advanced amateur photographers want and need.

“The number of photographers utilizing Macs is growing, and now these dedicated Mac followers can take advantage of photo management software features that have, up until now, been limited to PC systems,” said Tarjin Rahman, product manager for ACD Systems. “ACDSee Pro for Mac is an integrated image viewing, managing and editing solution that helps photographers make more time for photography.”

Built from the ground up, ACDSee Pro for Mac will include the full set of fast workflow features that
photographers have come to expect in ACDSee products. The initial beta release of ACDSee Pro for Mac will focus on the fundamentals of browsing, viewing, organizing and printing images.

Live Browsing
Unlike catalog-based photo applications, ACDSee Pro for Mac skips the cumbersome step of importing files that are already on a hard drive or connected device. ACDSee Pro automatically detects external devices, including cameras, photo frames and memory cards, and allows users to simply drag and drop images onto a hard drive.

Professional photographers will also save time when it comes to accessing folders, which can be done live, in real time. ACDSee Pro instantly populates the file list with photo thumbnails.

“Navigating and viewing images without having to go through the import phase saves time and gives professional photographers the control they need in the creative process,” said Rahman.

Quick Viewing

With ACDSee’s proprietary viewing technology, ACDSee Pro for Mac allows image viewing at unparalleled speeds – even large, high-resolution photos. More than 40 file types can be viewed, including common RAW formats, and photos can be displayed in full screen presentation mode for maximum impact.

ACDSee Pro provides flexibility to quickly review just one photo or a series of photos. Users can scan through selected images at the click of an arrow key and use the filmstrip window to remain oriented within a large group of files. To add speed to the workflow process, photos can easily be rated and tagged in View mode.

Organizing Flexibility
Beta testers will find that ACDSee Pro for Mac offers complete control over image storage on the computer. Quick and simple file organization stays true to the Mac philosophy with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Folder item counts help users see how many images and subfolders are stored in each location. Images can be organized into hierarchical custom categories that are virtual, meaning there’s no need to duplicate images.

With ACDSee Pro, users have live access to manage files on a hard drive and applicable connected devices, and can move, add, delete and rename folders and images within folders. ACDSee database information like categories and ratings, file properties like size and resolution, and EXIF data like ISO speed and Focal length is available in the Properties pane. Finding images with similar EXIF information is built in through the time-saving Auto Categories feature. Users can also complete common workflow steps like converting file formats and resizing and renaming files much more quickly using the batch tools (allows you to perform those functions on many files at once).

Printing Control
Like other ACDSee Pro for Mac features that save time, printing images is fast and efficient. Beta testers can print single images, multi-image pages and contact sheets, and can select output size, resolution and orientation. Preferred options can be saved as presets to streamline the workflow process.

Future Features
Additional features planned for subsequent beta releases of ACDSee Pro for Mac include professional nondestructive image processing, digital asset management leveraging IPTC, XMP, and EXIF metadata standards, support for video and document file formats, and integration with Mac OS X technologies including Quick Look and Spotlight.

ACDSee Pro for Mac is in beta testing at

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