Aerial Drone Video, Bigger Than Life, Delves Inside Alaska Ice Caves

Bigger Than Life from Firefight Films

Bigger Than Life from Firefight Films

The crew at Firefight Films has put together a short film with incredible footage above and below “ground” in Alaskan Ice Caves. Bigger Than Life was shot with a GoPro HERO 3 Black attached to a DJI Phantom quadcopter. You can see the shadow of the quad in some of the shots. The setup is incredibly compact and the imagery you can create with good technique and inexpensive components is impressive as you can see in Bigger Than Life.

In OP we’ve been working with Eric Cheng of (and founder & publisher of to put together articles on getting started with aerial drone shooting (Part I, Part II). Check out these articles and the site to see Cheng’s setup and how tightly it can be packed (Cheng travels internationally with a similar setup to the one Firelight Films used).

Director – Lion El Aton

Cinematography – Christopher Carson
Drone Pilot – Christopher Carson
Music – DREAM KOALA – “Odyssey”