Alien Skin Launches Exposure X With Organizational Tools


Alien Skin has added a number of new features to its popular film emulation and editing software. Exposure X. Among the updates, Exposure X offers a brush tool to selectively apply adjustments and corrections, a customizable workspace, the ability to stack effects, new keyboard shortcuts and more. The standalone version’s usability has expanded with the addition of management tools that provide quick access to images, as well as the ability to rate, filter and sort photos. Exposure X is cross-platform and requires OS X 10.10 Yosemite or newer for Mac; Windows 8 64-bit or newer for PCs. For more details about what’s new or to download a free trial version, visit

Full: $149
Upgrade: $99 (free for anyone who purchased Exposure 7)

Read the full press release below for more info.


Alien Skin Software Introduces Exposure X
New Creative Editing App for Photographers Now Available

Raleigh, NC (December 8, 2015) – Alien Skin Software today introduced Exposure® X for OS X® and Windows®, a digital imaging app that helps photographers quickly organize, edit, and enhance their photos. Exposure X streamlines routine tasks and gives photographers a rich set of software tools for developing beautiful photos.

Creative Looks
Exposure X imparts a human touch to digital photos through its carefully researched and flexible library of analog looks. Each look encompasses many subtle changes that work together to inspire a specific emotion. Exposure X covers every interesting corner of photographic history, such as funky Lo-Fi cameras, classic Kodachrome, modern portrait film, or all the way back to old-fashioned Daguerreotypes and autochromes. Photographers can explore these visual ideas for inspiration and then quickly refine them to develop their own personalized style.

Flexible Workflow
Exposure X adapts to any workflow. It can be used as a plug-in for Photoshop and Lightroom, or as a complete photo editor on its own. When used as a standalone app, Exposure X is fast at photo organization, practical edits, and creative styling.

Exposure X is configurable so photographers can move tools exactly where they want them and hide ones they don’t use. Users can browse preset styles visually with a grid of images to see how they will look on their photos. Exposure X edits non-destructively, so a photographer’s original photo is never touched and changes can always be undone. Additionally, using proprietary algorithms Exposure X handles RAW images from a wide range of popular cameras.

“Our engineers have built Exposure X using its predecessor, the award-winning and popular Exposure 7 software as a starting point,” said Finley Lee, CEO of Alien Skin Software. “I’m pleased to say that Exposure X now sets the new high-water mark, helping creative photographers at all skill levels keep up with their ever-expanding post-production work. Photographers can now spend less time on their computers and more time creating beautiful story-telling images that focus their inner visions for all the world to see.”

Other photo editing software relies on complex concepts which force photographers to do extra work to serve the software, such as catalogs and separate user interface modules. Exposure X offers a better way by intelligently streamlining a user’s workflow, allowing them to focus on creative decisions.

Exposure X doesn’t use a catalog, so users don’t need to manually import photos into a database. Just browse to a folder of images and immediately get to work. Exposure X can use cloud storage for working on the same photos at home and on the road or even collaborating with other photographers.

Exposure X doesn’t rely on separate modules, so the full set of editing tools are available at all times. In the middle of organizing their photo library photographers can develop a photo’s style. No time is lost switching between modules.

Pricing and Availability
Exposure X is available now from for $149 USD. Owners of any version of Exposure may upgrade for $99 USD. Free upgrades will automatically be sent to everyone who purchased Exposure 7.