Alien Skin Software Announces Holiday Sale

Photoshop Plug-ins 20% off through December 24

Raleigh, North Carolina –– Alien Skin Software is beginning its first ever store-wide sale.  All of its award-winning Photoshop plug-ins are 20% off through December 24, 2008.  No coupon codes are necessary.  The shopping cart in the web store will reflect the 20% discount.
“With this economy and the holidays approaching, I think it’s time we finally have a sale,” said Jeff Butterworth, Queen Bee of Alien Skin Software.  “It is pretty rare that we do any kind of discounting, but if there was ever a time when our customers needed a break, it’s now.”
At there is a wealth of information on all of Alien Skin Software’s popular Photoshop plug-ins, from reviews, to example images, to tutorial movies.  Fully functional demos are available for all of the products, but don’t wait for the 30-day trial period to end because the sale ends on December 24, 2008.
About Alien Skin Software

Alien Skin Software makes Photoshop plug-ins for photographers and graphic designers. We distill advanced math and cutting edge research into simple tools that render beautiful pictures.  Our reputation for bug-free software and fast, friendly tech support has grown worldwide since 1993. For more information, visit our website at