Behind The Shot: “Annual Migration Of Wildebeests” by 戎国辉 — Kenya, Maasai Mara

“Annual Migration of Wildebeests” by 戎国辉

I am a non-occupational photographer based in Shanghai. My great passion is to create excellent art works. Last year I went to Kenya for a photography project. It was quite lucky for me to come across the annual migration of wildebeests. I stood at the top of my jeep, not using a tripod.

I shot hundreds of photos about the theme, but only one photo is chosen to show the most splendid scenery.

Thousands of wildebeests are galloping to the other side of the river, arduous and dangerous. Fierce animals like African crocodiles are waiting for their delicacies. The challenges I encountered were how to show the imposing manner, the sound and the speed on one still photo.

The environment of Kenya is protected well, except some poaching behaviour happens sometimes.

“Take photos with heart and with love, but not only use skill.” That is the maxim which always encourages me. — 戎国辉

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Equipment and settings: Canon EOS 5D Mark III, 700-200/f4 lens @ 80mm —1/800 s @ f/8— ISO 100‍