Assignments: October 2014

Winning Images From The Weekly Assignments At

1) Worm’s-Eye View Assignment Winner
Photographer: Angela Service
Equipment: Canon EOS Rebel T1i, Bower SLY 358C 8mm ƒ/3.5 fisheye

This photo was taken in March 2013 on the Latourell Falls Loop hike in the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon. I was on the trail, back from seeing two beautiful waterfalls, when this unique tree caught my eye. I wanted to capture all of it, from the very top to the bottom, but that meant getting as low to the ground as possible. I had to ditch my tripod because it wasn’t allowing me to get as low as I needed to. It was challenging, at first, and a little dirty, but I managed to awkwardly bend and twist my body long enough to capture what I wanted. I converted the photo to black-and-white, and brought out some midtones and highlights.

In this issue, we showcase the winning images from the Worm’s-Eye View, Twilight, Lazy Summer Days and Birds In Flight Assignments, which ran in July of this year. Congratulations to Angela Service, Christopher Fridley, Gerry Groeber and Fred Lemire. You can get your photos in the running by going to the Assignments section at
—Christopher Robinson, Editor

2) Twilight Assignment Winner
Photographer: Christopher Fridley
Equipment: Panasonic LUMIX DMC-G3, LUMIX G Vario 14-24mm ƒ/3.5-5.6 ASPH, Hoya circular polarizer, Hoya PRO1D ND8 ND filter, Benro tripod

On a photo road trip in July 2014 to the Mount Hood, Oregon, region to explore the area’s lakes, trails, waterfalls and Mount Hood itself, my wife and I spent our anniversary evening among about 20 other photographers gathered at the shoreline of the lake. It was a very breezy and chilly evening, and it didn’t seem like anything special would unfold. We watched photographers pack up and leave until we realized we were all alone at the lake. Then, the magic began to happen, as lenticular clouds appeared out of nowhere, reflecting the alpenglow. Patience was the key factor in capturing this image.

3) Lazy Summer Days Assignment Winner
Photographer: Gerry Groeber
Equipment: Nikon D3100, AF-S Nikkor 10-24mm ƒ/3.5-4.5G ED, Manfrotto tripod, cable release

I originally set out to capture the setting sun in line with the rows of a cornfield in June 2014. I had scoped out this location in Mesa, Arizona, several days before. When the clouds were right, I drove to the location, but was bummed to find that the rows ran north-south, not east-west. As the sun set, the clouds really came alive. I buried myself deep in the field, set a low vantage point and waited for the color.

4) Birds In Flight Assignment Winner
Photographer: Fred Lemire
Equipment: Canon EOS-1D X, Canon EF 500mm ƒ/4L IS II USM, Canon EF 1.4x extender, Gitzo carbon-fiber tripod, Jobu Design Jobu Jr. head

I had been visiting Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada, for three weeks in January 2014, hoping to get a snowy owl in flight. The snowy owl is one of my favorite birds. They’re elusive and can be hard to spot. I was fortunate to find this majestic female owl, who was perched on a fence post near an open field, looking side to side, waiting to spot her prey. After an hour, the owl finally lifted off to catch a vole. She took off in a sideways direction, and I was able to capture the image just as she looked at me. See more of Fred Lemire’s photography at