At The Beach Assignment Winner Lace Andersen

Morning Serenade by Lace Andersen

Morning Serenade by Lace Andersen

Photographer: Lace Andersen:

“Whenever I decide to photograph a sunrise this beach on Kauai is my favorite location. I actually woke up late and had to drive like a crazy woman to get to this spot before the sun came up. I had a few minutes to scout out the beach. Sometimes I find it difficult to plan a shot due to the ever changing conditions here on Kauai. You never know what you’re going to find as the tides and surf change on a daily basis.

“I walked from one side of the rocky area to the other watching how the water moved and danced around. With each small wave that came over the rocks, this particular spot stood out to me. The water was rushing out and I could visualize how it would look with a slow shutter speed pouring over the rocks on the right. Getting a pleasing composition meant I had to jump into thigh deep water and battle the wind and mist spraying on my lens. I had to constantly wipe it down in between shots to avoid water drops. Then it was a matter of being patient for the light. I waited for Kauai to work it’s magic in the early morning, putting on a show for me to appreciate and internalize.

“I processed my RAW file in Lightroom and did some layer masking in Adobe Photoshop on the sky to adjust the contrast, highlights, and saturation. I also Dodged and burned the water in the foreground to help guide the viewer’s eye throughout the image. I performed some shadow recovery on the rocks and hillside in the background.”

Equipment: Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L lens, Manfrotto tripod, Hoya circular polarizer