Backlight & Silhouette Assignment Winner Dustin Penman

Swept Away by Dustin Penman

Swept Away by Dustin Penman

Congratulations to Dustin Penman for his winning shot in the Backlight & Silhouette Assignment.

Photographer: Dustin Penman

Location: Rialto Beach, WA

How this photograph came together: “On a rainy morning in December of 2012, I landed in Seattle. My buddy and photographer, Marco Crupi, picked me up and we immediately made a run for the Olympic coast on a photographic quest to document as much as we could of the Olympic National Park. We encountered solid sideways rain over the next 5 days. It was not looking promising for us to stay dry on the beach. Imagine our surprise when we saw bright blue skies with happy, white puffy clouds. The blessing of dry weather stuck around for the whole day.

“Marco and I drove to Rialto Beach for sunset. The tide was pushing out, exposing the beach. I knew I wanted to capture the seamounts as a silhouette allowing me to showcase the amazing colors and details in the clouds. I also wanted to reveal just how flat this section of beach was and how far and fast the waves were moving. After studying the waves for a bit, I felt comfortable setting my tripod-mounted camera about 24 inches above the sand, leaving just a few inches of clearance above the incoming waves. Wanting as slow of an exposure as possible to show as much movement as I could, I attached a B&W 3 stop N/D filter to the end of my 10-24mm lens, setting it to 10mm, ISO 100 with a 30 [edited to correct shutter speed] second exposure at f/22. I also employed my cable release and waited for the right wave. After a dozen or so attempts, I captured this beauty! In post-production, I did play with curves a bit and added a touch of saturation.”

For every Assignment, the OP editors will select a winning image at the conclusion o the entry period. The winner will be featured on the OP home page and in a blog article about how the photograph was taken. To get your photos into the running all you have to do is submit them.

-Christopher Robinson, Editor
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