Bad Weather and the Camera

There has been a lot of wet weather across the country this winter. Don’t let that keep you from photographing. Here are some quick and easy ideas that will keep you photographing even when the weather gets wet.


    It is almost 3 am,so I will make it quick…I live in Pacific Grove, Ca. on Ocean View Blvd.

    I was on the trail behind the fence, and the waves were not wild. I still got a wave over my head; if I had been on the rocks I would have been dead. Many have been!

    Just buy the right stuff which is weather sealed than you don’t have to worry about anything. This means Olympus 4/3 or Pentax, sorry for Nikon, Canon and some others. Weather sealing just doesn’t mean that your body is weather sealed up to a certain level, also your lenses need to be weather sealed. A rubber ring for the mount doesn’t help. Beyond rainy days, also think of a wet forehead or wet hands during summer!

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