“Glacier Slot Canyon” by Zack Schnepf

Composite of multiple exposures Avalanche Creek Glacier National Park Montana creek bed rocks polarizer

Glacier Slot Canyon 2 by Zack Schnepf

In September 2012 I was scouting with my good friend David Cobb for a workshop we were teaching later that week. We hiked up Avalanche Creek in Glacier National Park early in the morning and were rewarded with this beautiful scene. There were forest fires all around the park, the smoke worked in our favor by diffusing the sunlight and creating a wonderful soft glow in the canyon. I used a polarizer to cut the glare on the water and the foliage in the forest. – Zack Schnepf

Settings: 30 second exposure at f/18 – ISO 200

This image is a composite of two exposures that have been blended together. You can find a video detailing the technique at Schnepf’s website, www.zschnepf.com. Follow his work at 500px, Flickr, and Facebook. His motion work and many other tutorials are available at YouTube.