Behind The Shot: “Minnesota” by Annie Griffiths – Superior National Forest

STUNNING PHOTOGRAPHS National Geographic. Photo by Annie Griffiths/National Geographic Creative Minnesota Morning sunlight burns through fog over Superior National forest.

Minnesota by Annie Griffiths

Autumn in Minnesota is magical. Everyone loves the annual display of colors as trees and forests change color brilliantly. As a photographer, my favorite part of autumn is the morning mist that happens when the cool night air creates morning fog.

I wanted to show this phenomenon while on assignment in northern Minnesota for National Geographic. I hired a pilot to take me up long before sunrise. He thought I was crazy to go up so early, but as the sun began to rise sending shards of light through the Superior National Forest, I could hear him gasping through his headphone. I was shooting as fast as I could because I knew that the color and the magic would last for only minutes. I shot with both wide and long lenses. This image shows how the longer lens compressed the trees, creating a lovely pattern in the mist.

So much of photography involves anticipating a moment that may happen. When on assignment, I often work hardest at both ends of the day. Many mornings don’t pan out, but days like this one keep me setting my alarm early! – Annie Griffiths

This image is taken from the book, “Stunning Photographs”, curated by Griffiths from National Geographic’s extensive collection of nature and wildlife photography. Currently available for only $25, you can find the hardcover book for sale via Amazon here. Griffiths is an award-winning National Geographic Photographer and the Founder and Executive Director of Ripple Effect Images, a team of photojournalists dedicated to documenting the struggle of poor women and girls around the world. See more of her work at her website,, and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

Equipment and settings: Nikon F4 SLR camera, NIKKOR 180mm f/2.8 AF telephoto lens – 1/500th @ f/2.8 – Kodachrome 64 film

A book of Dramatic imagery from the photography collection of National Geographic nature landscape wildlife

Stunning Photographs by Annie Griffiths with photography from the collection of National Geographic