Better Lucky Than Good Assignment Winner Wendy Gedack

'The Storms That Shape Us' by Wendy Gedack

‘The Storms That Shape Us’ by Wendy Gedack

Congrats to Wendy Gedack for winning the Better Lucky Than Good Assignment!

“As I traveled to Colorado’s San Juan Mountain area in July, 2014, I had planned to photograph the wildflowers in the region.  The monsoon season had arrived in the Rocky Mountains and I was also hoping to capture dramatic clouds and weather.  As the sun began to set, I photographed a field of flowers just off Last Dollar Road when storm clouds began to form all around.  It appeared the drama was taking place out toward Owl Creek Pass, so I decided to go to the top of The Dallas Divide to see how the scene would unfold.  As I reached the overlook, I could see the dark clouds surrounding the area and climbed to the top of a ridge for a better vantage point. As I set up my tripod, the dark dramatic clouds parted just enough for the sun to break through and light up the rugged rock formations below. The scene seemed to change rapidly as the clouds prevented the sun from shining through,” describes Gedack who used a Canon EOS 6D, Canon EF- 24-105mm f/4L lens and tripod to capture the shot.