Beyond the Icon–There is Still Plenty to Photograph

Iconic Colorado Location, Beaver Pond by Jay Goodrich

Iconic Colorado Location, Beaver Pond © Jay Goodrich

“Never say never.” That’s what my wife always says to me. No matter how much I hate it, I have to concede in agreement with her once again. In a recent blog post here on OP I discussed how Monet was never a favorite painter of mine and how I was much more in tune with Picasso and Pollock. It was probably an hour after I wrote that post that I read Dewitt Jones’ latest Basic Jones article on photographing in Monet’s Garden and how “Sometimes we can’t isolate or explain a scene, so just try to take it all in” ideal. The image he used to illustrate his point is truly inspiring. Dewitt captured a scene that not only rendered a “Monet” but had hints of “Pollock” through out. I took this reading and filed it in the big box once again.

Then this past weekend I visited a very popular place in Colorado–a truly iconic location and discovered something magnificent. I always push the idea on all of my workshop students to look beyond the iconic image and really start to explore a place for its true worth. The iconic image may be what made that location famous, but it is only a mere portion of why that land has been preserved for generation after generation to explore. And it is in these locations that some of the most amazing photographs can be found.

Following my mantra and what Dewitt spoke about I discovered a beaver pond that looked like it might possess some of these qualities. And within seconds of walking up to it, the photograph played out in my brain. The color palette of greens just screamed to me. And there you have it, I am eating crow with my Monet inspired photo of the reflections on a beaver pond in Colorado. You never know what may come to mind when you are out shooting so always keep an open mind and a little inspiration from some of your “friends”.

In addition, if you are the first person to guess where the image was taken, I will send you a free 16 x 24 signed print of the above image as long as you pay for the shipping.