B&H Payboo Credit Card Reimburses Your Sales Tax

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Payboo card from B&H Photo

If you live in a state that requires collection of sales tax on internet orders, B&H Photo has launched a new credit card, Payboo, that will credit your purchase for the amount of the tax.

The official press release describes the process: “The Payboo Card delivers instant, immediate savings to B&H customers. For example, when a customer in Los Angeles buys a $3,000 camera, 9.5% sales tax, or $285, is added to the cost for a total of $3,285. However, if the same customer purchases the camera from B&H using the Payboo Card, a $285 reward is instantly applied to the order, and only $3,000 is charged to the card! The savings are instant – no future credits, points to accrue, or coupons to worry about. The customer is only subject to usual credit approval.”

Available to customers with a U.S. billing address and SSN or ITIN, the first step is to apply for the card, issued by  Synchrony Bank. The card has no annual fee but carries a relatively high APR of 29.99%, so to get the optimal benefit of the card, you’ll want to have cash on-hand to pay off your balance immediately.

The card can be used for B&H purchases only. Perhaps stating the obvious, the offer isn’t valid in states that don’t require the collection of sales tax on internet purchases, and some states that do require sales tax collection do not permit the benefit as described. The Payboo FAQ page provides a link to check your benefit based on your shipping zip code, so be sure to verify the benefits for which you are eligible before applying.

For additional details, see the Payboo FAQ page.