BRNO dri+Cap

Dehumidifying lens cap system for Nikon and Canon cameras and lenses

Cameras and lenses, especially modern electronically controlled ones, can be easily – and permanently – damaged by exposure to moisture. Even the condensation that can occur by going from a cool room to a hot outdoors or a cold winter day into a heated house can create condensation on a lens or in a camera. This moisture can lead to fungus or mold damage over time. Humid environments are equally a problem.

To solve the problem of humidity/moisture control BRNO has developed their unique dri+Cap protective system that maintains camera bodies and lenses at the proper relative humidity of 35 to 45%. This is accomplished by a color indicating silica gel in a special packet that does not shed dust particles. the packet is placed in a chamber in the rear of each dri+Cap. The chamber has an O ring to keep the cap seal the cap and not allow the packet to absorb moisture when the cap is not on the item. When attached the dri+Cap has another O ring to keep moisture out of the camera body or lens and to allow the packet to absorb whatever moisture the lens or body has been exposed to.

The dri+Cap is supplied in a set for either Canon or Nikon camera bodies and lenses. Each kit includes a dri+Cap body cap and a dri+Cap rear lens cap plus 8 foil sealed packs of the BRNO color indicating silica gel.

• High quality body and rear cap set with 8 packs of foil sealed silica gel.
• Silica gel changes color from orange to deep green as it is exhausted. Special gel bags do not give off dust particles.
• Maintains relative humidity in camera body and lens at 35 to 45%.
• O ring seals to keep moisture out of caps. Caps supplied with moisture proof covers for storage.

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