Cascada Short Film

The new generation of adventure filmmakers is creating some spectacular projects. Cascada, a film by NRS and Forge Motion Pictures is one of the most captivating films I've seen. Even if you're not a kayaker, this film, at less than 8 minutes in total, is incredibly immersive and the imagery is simply brilliant. Watch it in HD...and if you're stomach doesn't tun over a little bit at the scene 3:15 in, make it bigger on your screen.


    ”Awesome’.. an often over used word, but here in this film it merely scratches the surface of how to describe this outstanding filming of some of the world’s most daring kayakers… whether you kayak or not, it’s so worth watching… a visual masterpiece and a fly-on-the-wall experience of an incredible adventure 🙂

    msg to all the fearless young people that were involved in making this film . I am glad there are still people like yourselves alive . I learned what the word awesome means (to me) when I commercial fished 50 miles of the coast of Vancouver island in the mother of all storms . The wind blowing 60 miles per hour going up 40 – 50 ft waves . I could not express to people the power of the ocean and how there is nothing any one man can do to harness it . Well I have traveled throughout Central and South America and you are Humbled by the place . Become a piece of where you are at , or go back to where you came from . You guy’s could express the awesomeness of where ever you make films like this one and people would understand . Yet you are risking our chances of seeing more that you make all the time , cool . You must risk everything to feel truly alive .

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