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New Tamron Lens

October 7, 2011 | By Rob Sheppard
I have a fun little project now that goes beyond its surface to something about how we look at lens...
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Monitor Calibration

September 16, 2011 | By Rob Sheppard
For some strange reason, a whole bunch of things related to monitor calibration have been top of mind: I had...
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A Common Photographic Challenge

July 21, 2011 | By Rob Sheppard
I think one of the most common photographic challenges all of us face is this — we see subjects and...
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Watch the Details in Black-and-White

July 7, 2011 | By Rob Sheppard
I love the new interest in black-and-white photography. It offers some great opportunities to go beyond the “common” color shot...
Quick-and-Easy Digital Slide Shows
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Quick-and-Easy Digital Slide Shows

June 14, 2011 | By Rob Sheppard
One great way of putting images together is in a digital slide show done to music. The challenge we all...
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New Books to Consider

June 10, 2011 | By Rob Sheppard
I have been privileged to see a lot of wonderful photography over the years, both as a lover of photo...
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Great Tool for Nature Photographers

May 19, 2011 | By Rob Sheppard
I have had an iPod Touch almost since it came out, and this year, I got the newest version with...
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Landscape Photography App

May 9, 2011 | By Rob Sheppard
Rob Sheppard’s Digital Landscape — I have long been interested in how new technology can affect what we do with...
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Selling Photos

April 19, 2011 | By Rob Sheppard
When I was editor of Outdoor Photographer magazine, I got a lot of questions about how to sell images to...
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Falling Back in Love with Black-and-White

March 30, 2011 | By Rob Sheppard
I “grew up”, so to speak, with black-and-white photography. I used to love working in the darkroom. I loved to...
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The Problem with AWB and RAW

February 19, 2011 | By Rob Sheppard
I know, I know, so many photographers, especially some pros, think that it is never a problem shooting auto white...
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FotoFusion Report

January 18, 2011 | By Rob Sheppard
I just returned from FotoFusion, an annual event in January put on by the Palm Beach Photographic Centre in West...

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Bad Weather and the Camera

January 10, 2011 | By Rob Sheppard
There has been a lot of wet weather across the country this winter. Don’t let that keep you from photographing....
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Make Your Live View More Usable

December 29, 2010 | By Rob Sheppard
The LCD is both bane and boon for digital photographers. It is a wonderful tool that lets us see our...
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Buying a Camera

December 21, 2010 | By Rob Sheppard
I really thought I wanted a Canon EOS 60D. I am not brand limited — this is a story about...
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Honor Nature with HDR!

November 30, 2010 | By Rob Sheppard
I admit it. When I first saw HDR  work, I was unimpressed. The interfaces were clunky and the results could...
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Create More Interesting Photos By Using Maximum F-Stops

November 23, 2010 | By Rob Sheppard
I think photo books and photo magazines may have done too good a job of telling everyone that you should...
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Dare to Photograph Dramatic Close-Ups

November 9, 2010 | By Rob Sheppard
I am going to give you a secret to photographing up close that will immediately give you dramatic, unusual shots....
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Simple Video

October 28, 2010 | By Rob Sheppard
Video is now in nearly every new digital camera, from point-and-shoots to DSLRs. Video can be a lot of fun,...
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For Love of Small Cameras

October 20, 2010 | By Rob Sheppard
I admit it. I love small cameras. I don’t like transporting big “pro” cameras, especially full-35mm-frame systems that demand monster...