Changing Directions

Peacock Parade during the Solstice Parade by Jay Goodrich

Peacock Parade during the Solstice Parade © Jay Goodrich

Falling into complacency. Have you ever done it? Or are you doing it right now? As an artist you work extremely hard to better your career, better your offerings. In that focus do you ever forget the who, what, where, and why you decided to pursue this passion in the first place? Is it a steady income stream that brings it upon you? Or the love for the very thing you are pursuing? There are times that I, as a business owner, not only have to make decisions on a financial basis, but at times when I need to make decisions on a creative basis too. It is not an easy task, for the most part, the two do not go hand-in-hand. One can compliment the other and they can intertwine at times. Creativity may add more financial strain to the business than truly necessary, but I have found that if the idea does contain the slightest amount of potential over what is currently being offered by the “competition” the risk could be worth the price of admission.

Let’s say that you are a nature photographer. Have you ever considered photographing a wedding? Or ever tried? Did you like it or hate it? Was the decision made out of financial necessity or out of something else? How about if you are a portrait photographer? Ever ventured out of your comfort zone? Maybe taken some images for an architect? If you have, you have realized that the way the other half lives isn’t as easy as some may think. If you have never ventured from your comfort zone you may be held in place by fear or possibly by saying you are completely happy with where you are right now-which I may even argue is a form of fear as well. Today, I am not going to tell you any of these options are wrong by any stretch of the imagination. “We can never see past the choices we don’t understand.”-The Oracle in the Matrix Revolutions.

What if you put all your apprehensions aside? Discarded fear. Discarded disbelief. And decided to give it a whirl. Change. Give change a try. Would you head down a completely different, unusual, exciting road or would life remain status quo? I am willing to bet, and I am taking this directly from experience, that life would become exiting. More exciting, in fact, than ever before. You would find new avenues to travel and these avenues would lead you to different places. And it is those different places that would give you even more opportunity. How do I know? Because I spent the last year doing just that. Changing Directions.

Today we are announcing a brand new website, one that follows some of the subjects and disciplines I have focused on in the past, but now there are many more. A change in direction, a change in subject matter, a change in style. And for me, a new look into the future. Take a few minutes to have a look around. Let us know what you think. And you can see it all very large. Maximize your browser window and get a little taste of the new Jay Goodrich. Big, bold, in the same light and in new light. And if fear of changing the size of your browser window gets in the way, don’t worry the site will scale to meet your needs. The adventure is beginning, all over again.