Online Photo Course

Assignments help snapshooters practice techniques

Northport, NY, July 14, 2009:, a photo tips blog for beginner and novice snapshooters looking to improve their photography skills, announced an online photo course designed to give snapshooters an opportunity to practice photo techniques and tips. The first assignment asks photographers to shoot a photo that demonstrates creative shallow depth of field and is due July 24, 2009.

Assignments cover photo techniques discussed on the blog and will be given every other week. People can “turn-in” their assignment by using the Mr. Linky’s posting option that lets the photographer post his or her image on their own blog, Facebook™ page or website and provide that URL on the Chasing Picture Perfection blog. Or photos can be sent directly to the blog at [email protected] for posting. One submission per assignment will be selected to receive an A+ and a five dollar Starbucks™ gift card.  Those who complete six assignments will receive a certificate of completion button to place on their website or blog.

The Chasing Picture Perfection blog was started in February 2009 by Stacie Errera who is both a novice photographer and a marketing executive for a photo equipment manufacturer. Her 25 years of industry experience selling and marketing equipment, as well as producing hundreds of photo workshops, puts her in a unique position to provide basic tips to help everyday snapshooters to consistently take better photos. “I have always been the family member or friend who knew about cameras and took good photos, so I am asked for advice a lot,” stated Errera. “I felt a blog would be a great way to bring tips, techniques and advice to people who just want to take good photos of their kids and family, events, vacations, and celebrations. Topics covered by Errera include composition, blurring or freezing motion, natural light portraits, depth of field and more.

The assignments are the first step in reaching out to people beyond blog posts. “Followers can look forward to downloads and videos that will help them to further explore the features of their cameras and continue practicing tips and techniques. The goal is get people comfortable with the camera off of the program mode, which leads to more creativity and better photos.”

Details for Assignment 1 can be found at and has a due date of July 24, 2009.