Checkerboard Star Trails (Joseph Rossbach)

Last month I had the pleasure of shooting in Zion National Park. My favorite fall color location for the past several years. In addition to the color of the Cottonwoods and Maples that burn brilliantly in early November, the park is also home to some of the most dramatic scenery in the Southwest. Deep canyons, sculpted stone, slots, wildlife and waterfalls. In addition to the superlative scenery,  the night sky boasts some of the finest star gazing in the continental US.

I took my workshop up to this location one evening to shoot the last raking light on the sandstone domes. Afterwards, we stuck around to do some star-trail photography. We didn’t do any long exposure trails and instead decided to shoot the Milky Way and try our hands at some light painting. The results were superb. I decided to return to this location after the workshop ended late on the last night of my trip and run some one-hour exposures for star trails. Towards the end of the exposure the light in the night sky became much brighter giving the image the soft twilight glow. In addition, a car drove by illuminating the cliffs in the distance. As Bob Ross said, there are no mistakes just happy accidents.

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