Cloudscapes Assignment Winner Nadeem Sufi

Congratulations to Nadeem Sufi for winning the recent Cloudscapes Assignment with the image, “Rays of Life.” See more of Sufi’s work at

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Winner: "Rays Of Life" By Nadeem Sufi


“I had been to the Great Smoky Mountains many times, but never had I driven on the Blue Ridge Parkway,” says Nadeem Sufi. “So I planned a drive from the Cherokee side of the national park all the way to Shenandoah in Virginia in fall of 2020. I thought I would stop a few places and get some nice images and then keep on driving. Boy was I wrong! It took me ALL DAY to barely make it to 50 miles of it! The scenery was just BREATHTAKING. Just the kind of day I love. Cloudy with the sun in and out. I knew I was not going to make it to Virginia if I had three more days! So I decided to turn back towards Cherokee to camp.

“On my way back, I suddenly noticed the warm afternoon sunlight sneaking through the cloud covers. I could see light changing by the minute. Anticipating that the ray of light just might strike the fall colors lighting up a small part of the mountain, I decided to pull over at the best spot I could find and eagerly waited. I did not have to wait long. It was as if I had struck gold! And so did the light! This display continued for about 15 minutes and I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!”

Nikon D850. Exposure: 1/13 sec., f/11, ISO 64.